Monster Girls: the Advent 0.4

Yes! Finally, the next English version of Dave's adventures is ready. Just in time for Christmas Eve!

When we last saw him, Dave was settled in Neldhal's court, having accepted with some reserve to be a part of prince Symond's secret division. Now, the time to go to Qalekor's kingdom, in the north, has arrived... and Dave is not going alone! Meiya will join the trip, and some other Monster Girls will enter the scene as well... old ones reappearing, and new ones, well... probably taking Dave by surprise.

Chapter 4 is the great addition in this update, but that's not all... the combat system itself has been slightly upgraded, now showing a permanent statistics interface on the screen.

All that's left is to enjoy this new episode of Dave's quest to the fullest... my best Christmas present for you all!

Happy holidays!


Monster Girls: the Advent 0.4 (English Windows/Linux) 261 MB
Dec 23, 2021
Monster Girls: the Advent 0.4 (English Mac) 227 MB
Dec 23, 2021
Monster Girls: the Advent 0.4 (English Android) 256 MB
Dec 23, 2021

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Hi Dev,

It is pleasing to see that your alchemist is using SI units!, well on the way to being a proper scientist. Milligrams of bicarbonate, no less! But he still has his beer in pints!

Hope the next chapter is going well.


(1 edit)

Thank you very much! And well seen! It's indeed a curious and funny detail. I tend to be very scrupulous about these myself, and pondered about this very one as I was writing. But in the end I decided to give free rein to the narrative without worrying too much, because in these cases flexibility is always preferable. Nevertheless, in my story, there are other aspects with which I'll need to be stricter.

Anyway, and certainly, a scientist in the midst of a fantasy world could afford to invent units of measurement of the SI of another world. And even if Dave and his scientific ways were not there, the key is that we're in a fantastic world, where everything is possible. I mean, just to cite an example, what reason is there for these people to speak English, when in that world there is not and hasn't ever been a country named England, Anglo-Saxon culture, or anything of the sort? That's precisely why I love to tell stories in an isekai, because there, you have the freedom to introduce the elements you want almost by definition!

Hope you've enjoyed what's available. Right now I'm busy with my other game, but sooner or later I'll resume writing chapter 6 of Monster Girls: the Advent (in Spanish), and the translation of chapter 5.

See you around!