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When his family moves to another city for job reasons, Kumaro Naoto is forced to transfer to Mendoza Gakuen, a school specialized in raising sports stars. He's not exactly a sportsman, more like the nerd type, and is kind of worried about how he will fit in there... put yourself in his shoes and experience it first-hand!

Available for download in English and Spanish.

English version 1.22 is finally here. Act 1 complete!

Hello, everybody! Here I come already with version 1.22 of the game! This time, five whole days in Mendoza Gakuen, to complete the Act 1 of the story. Naoto is completely settled in his new school, and on his way either in the science or the volley club. That's your choice!

In this version, I added a few improvements here and there, and also got rid of some bugs, to give you an experience as fulfilling and enjoyable as possible.

But that's not all! This time, I'm releasing the English game in two split downloads: the first one for PC, and the second one for Android. If you want to carry and play the game with your mobile phone, now you can do it!

I really hope you enjoy the whole Act 1 of my visual novel. And, as always, comments and suggestions are totally welcome.

See you guys!

Publicada la versión 1.29 del juego en español para Android

Ahora también podéis disfrutar de la última versión de esta novela visual en teléfonos móviles. Simplemente descargaos el link correspondiente (marcado para Android), instaladlo, ¡y a jugar!

Visitad mi blog o mi página de Facebook para cualquier comentario que queráis hacer.

¡Saludos a todos!

Install instructions

Just unzip the files in the folder of your choice and double-click on Timetostudy1.22.exe to start playing! For the Android version, simply download the .apk file, and install it as an app in your mobile phone.

Descomprimid los archivos en la carpeta de vuestra elección y haced doble click sobre el archivo Aestudiar1.29.exe. ¡Y a jugar! Para la versión Android, simplemente descargad el archivo .apk e instaladlo como aplicación para vuestro teléfono móvil.


Timetostudy1.22-all.zip (English version) (138 MB)
Aestudiar1.29-all.zip (Spanish version) (203 MB)
Andnowtimetostudy122-1.22-release.apk (for Android) (132 MB)
Yahoraaestudiar129-1.29-release.apk (en español para Android) (200 MB)


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i can't wait

i can't wait

Great Game really hope you keep at part 2 really hope part 2 is released in English very excited for the release best visual novel ive played

Thank you so much for your words! Really glad you enjoyed it. Right now I'm developing the last stages of Act 2 in Spanish, but hope I can keep up with it and release an English update with the beginning of this Act sooner or later.


Howdy! I'd be interested to play this, but unfortunately am unable to read Spanish. How long until there is an English translation for the updated version?



At least for now, I'm alone in this project and I'm also carrying out other tasks, so unfortunately, I must say that this will move slowly. It's unlikely that the most updated version (the Spanish one, 1.29) will be in English anytime soon, unless I suddenly get the help of some translator interested in the project and willing to take the task off my shoulders. Anyway, I'll be working on the game little by little, and sooner or later (within a more reasonable scale) I should be able to release an update with the beginning of the Act 2 already in English.

Thanks for your interest, I hope you enjoyed the Act 1 of the story for now. See you!

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yo dude i khow this is probably time consuming and so takes a while though i will still be watching out for act 2 of this in english one suggestion also is could you put more charecters into the game and oppotunities to decide on speech as well as charecter customisation options this game as current full of potential and contains a very good start point that if expanded on could become really awsome in addition to this if you need any ideas i will be willing to help you

Hiya! I'm really glad you liked the game so far; thanks for your words and your will to help!

In later stages, the game will indeed have more characters roaming around, side characters as well as some others who will pose an additional challenge for Naoto. Also, the amount of decisions for the player will keep growing, even if it won't be excessive either (but it's true that visual novels lately are becoming more and more poor in that department, and one of my challenges is precisely to correct this). The character customisation issue, though, will be way harder. That kind of option is meant for other game genres; visual novels per se don't focus on including customisation options for their characters, as they are just sprites and little else. I can, though, assure you that in later stages of the game you'll be able to see the characters in various different outfits aside from their typical school uniforms (streetwear, swimsuits, etc.).

Certainly, the progress of the game will be slow since I'm the only one working on it now, including translations, but I'll do my best to keep up the quality that people like you are so kindly mentioning in their comments. And of course, thanks again for your help offer; if I'm in need of ideas or other issues like proofreading and such, I'll be sure to resort to you guys.

Thank you very much and see you!

I have recently got into this type of genre and it seems fun but I do feel there a very little choices unless i've been accidentally skipping them. But I still find this game is very good. I would love to see the game progress further!

Hi there, and be welcome to the world of visual novels! It's an honor for me that you chose my game as one of your first experiences in the genre! If you browse a little, you'll find a lot of good examples out there, made by indie developers like me or more official ones, and the variety is stunning and delightful at the same time. Indeed, you'll see examples with little or no choices (the latter are known as "kinetic novels"), and others with lots and lots of choices, depending on the author or subgenre. I'd say that mine is somewhere in the middle, maybe, and I do feel that choices are truly a basic ingredient to immerse yourself in the story and make it enjoyable to the fullest.

In any case, I'm really glad you liked my game, and I'll be doing my best from now on to answer your expectations. Thanks for your words and see you!

This game looks promising, so I shall follow it! Very much looking forward to any future releases. If you require any help with the english side of things (like an editor or proofie to make things faster) I would like to volunteer! Otherwise, good luck!

Hi there! I'm very glad you liked the game, thanks for your words! Also, I really appreciate your will to help! As I'm involved in a lot of tasks aside from this, it could really come in handy.

Speaking of which, it'd be great to have the help of some Spanish-English translator, not because I can't do it (I did all of it until now) but simply because it would really make things faster, since I carry a lot of burden over my own shoulders right now. I understand that's not your case, and it's not easy to find translators willing to volunteer for such tasks, but anyway, I'll gladly contact you next time for proofreading, game testing and such! Help is really appreciated!

Thank you and stay tuned. I'll keep doing my best while developing this visual novel!

o7 Good luck!

¡Buenas!, me acabo de pasar la primera parte y he disfrutado muchísimo, quería saber más o menos cuanto queda para la segunda, y como va todo y tal, estoy deseando jugar, un saludo y ánimo, la visual novel está super bien :)

¡Hola! Me alegra mucho saber que la has disfrutado, ese es al fin y al cabo el objetivo. ¡Gracias por tus palabras!

La versión actual del juego es el resultado de muchos meses de trabajo, así que pasará bastante tiempo antes de que podamos hablar de terminar realmente la novela visual, que tiene además dos grandes ramas que se han de escribir por separado (y eso sin contar que llevo simultáneamente una versión en inglés de la misma). No obstante, con una cierta periodicidad puedo ir sacando pequeños avances, que es lo que vengo haciendo. Actualmente, estoy en vías de completar lo que es el Acto 2 de la historia, con tres días más de juego, y cuando lo haga liberaré una nueva versión. El juego completo está planificado para comprender un total de 4 actos.

Estoy en la actualidad un poco atareado laboralmente hablando, por lo que no tengo tanto tiempo para dedicar a mis proyectos, pero poco a poco, espero poder seguir avanzando con la escritura de la historia y la programación. Para cualquier duda, comentario o sugerencia, no dudes en escribir o contactar conmigo por cualquiera de las vías, estoy siempre a vuestra disposición.



i think there should be many nude scenes but will thre be in act 2 ?

Hi there! That's right, the game will have its share of nude scenes and even H scenes, even if there won't be an excessively large number of them. I'm designing this game more on the moe side, not nukige. And, as you say, Act 2 will have the first nude scenes and something more...

The English version is still at the last stages of Act 1, so it doesn't contain nude scenes yet. But time will provide.

I hope you enjoyed the game so far. See you!

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Is there nudity on the English version yet?

Your project looks promising, I hope you keep it up updated often! ;)

Hi there!

Glad you liked it! It's not easy to keep up with two languages at once, but I'll do my best to release updates every now and then.

Thanks and see you!



Not yet, but in later stages of the development that's certainly the intention, even H scenes. The first CG featuring a certain degree of nudity appears at the start of Act 2, but that's only included in the Spanish version so far (which is in a more advanced stage). So, for now, the English version is still a 16+ game if anything. But just for now.

Ok thanks

Hey also is there anyway of knowing when the update comes out so i can re download it

Hi again!

Well, right now I can't announce a certain date for the next English release. That depends mostly on feedback. I'm currently more focused on the Spanish version, but the more interest the English version boosts, the more time and effort I'll probably invest in translating what's done so far into English. So, if you liked the first demo, feel free to share the link to this page with all your friends and anyone who might be interested. If a lot of people ask for it, the translation will go faster to answer their demands.

Thank you very much for your interest, and see you!